Mend The Gap Internet is a software development company that specializes in the provision of cost effective web solutions. We help our clients enhance their NET value, further their brand on the World Wide Web and produce measurable results based on features delivered, value delivered, time and money saved.

The combination of thorough process mapping, comprehensive experience and expansive creative vision enables us to create solutions that are innovative and reliable, that will ensure that your business will impact the way you do business online.

Our Areas of Expertise

:: Custom Web Design

:: E-Commerce Web Design

:: Website Redesign

:: Website Maintenance

:: Web Hosting & Domain Registration

:: Social Media Monitoring

Custom Web Design

We are focused on delivering effective, professional and affordable website design services. Your Website is one of the most important communication tools for your business. A properly designed internet presence can effectively promote your brand and deliver a compelling user experience. Our customized approach to web design and development combines state-of-the-art technology skills, solutions and a personal client focus for your website success.

As we work on your website, we'll stay focused on your goal and objectives and work to design a site that fulfills both your needs and your targeted audiences’ needs - because the success of your site will be directly related to how well it engages your targeted audience. You'll have an opportunity to review our work while in progress, request changes, and approve it.

E -Commerce Web Design

This is commerce conducted through electronic media like the Internet. With increased internet penetration, more Kenyans are getting online to do business. We will design a site for you that will enable you to sell online to the world and receive money for the same.

Costs associated with starting an E-commerce business are far much lower when compared to building a store for your business. All you need is a professionally designed website that will serve the purposes of a store.

So if you have been thinking of taking your business global, this is your time and we are equipped with necessary skills and tools to ensure you succeed.

We Deliver

  • Custom website designs that meets your requirements
  • Product catalogue that supports self management {hence you do not need to hire a webmaster}
  • Product search engine inbuilt so that your customers can quickly search through your product catalog
  • A shopping cart so that your customers can add, edit and delete products they are interested in buying
  • Payment gateway integration that allows you to receive your money anywhere in the world. Your business is always open at no extra expense
  • Learn who your customers are and what products they prefer by using sophisticated website analytics that become part and parcel of our ecommerce solution.

Web Redesign

Have you noticed that your competitor's website looks a lot better than yours? Or maybe you need a change of scenery - new colors, more content and better navigation throughout your site. You should change your website's design at least once a year. The look of your website can make or break you, and that's a fact. You only have seconds to make your first impression with your site visitors, and if it's not a good one, you've lost a potential customer. Attention to detail and good design sense can go a long way.

A simple, professional and well designed website is generally a winning combination. Who wants to wait 5 minutes for pictures, music, flash intro page, flashing graphics, moving text to load? You have all seen "those" sites - the ones that crash your browser or require you to download plug-ins just to view them. It takes talent, learned skills and a lot of hard work to be able to create a successful Internet presence.


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